Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Aboard the Fail Boat: A Guide How Not To; Heroic Violet Hold

That pretty much explains more horrible, horrible luck with heroic VH last night. The biggest fail part is the we got the eyeball boss and the aarokoa boss. Yeah....easy ones. The moral of the story is to always get a good healer, but then we knew that. Lets take a spin in the time machine and see how we got to this point.

So, I log on after work figuring I will get a very quick Heroic VH run in before the Gym. We go in with a Mage officer, his GF (a druid healer), a RL mage buddy, and a Ret Pally from Guild. We get in, everything is going fine, and then we wipe on the eyeball boss. Why? Because they kept DPSing during the optical focus phase. So we run back in, and we start over. We kill the first two bosses quite easily. We are on the 15th wave of trash, and a blue caster offhand drops. The Druid healer wants it. While she is busy checking out the shiny new blue item, wave 16 slowly beats me to death. Wipe....on trash......FAIL.

I head off to the Gym, come home, spend some time with my lady, and try to get the run going again. We get our healing lead officer (priest, who BTW had to be in bed shortly), a different officer playing the other officer's mage, a freshly dinged 80 warrior from guild, and the same ret pally from earlier. We start killing the mobs and notice that we get the Aarakoa boss first....I didnt put i back on Heroic......FAIL. Our priest has to go to bed, and I finally convince out original druid healer to come back.

First try with the new healer.....dead on the first boss....again. She whispers me that she will give it one more shot. We clear everything up until the last boss. As the last boss spawns, out ret pally dies. The fight is long and the Druid runs out of mana. The Mage is dead. Did we pull it off? Hell no. I die, the pally reconnects, doesnt bubble and gets killed, warrior is dead, healer dies with the last boss sitting at 3500 health. Demoralizing.

I give it a rest for a bit and decide to go and mine some nodes and crap to make some cash and to also not want to kill myself :) My former arena partner Mura finished 25 man Naxx and offered to come along. The only problem is we couldnt find a healer at first. Then I got a tell from a level 80 priest that he would heal it. So it is Mura, our Warrior, the Mage DPSing, and the PUG priest healing....or not healing is more like it. We get to the first boss. Fail....the priest either had horrible lag or terrible reaction time because we were not getting many heals. After the wipe, he says he has to go and jets.

At around this time, I see that my favorite Heroic Healer is finished with a 25 man Naxx that he was involved in. I hit him up and he comes in to heal. We get it that time with no wipes and no real serious danger at all for that matter. Goes to show how much a good healer means to a group.


Tom said...

"....a different officer playing the other officer's mage"

Don't let Blizz see your post TOS VIOLATION hahaha

Thanks for the article, interesting read

Darraxus said...

Lol yeah. They are RL best friends and do it on a somewhat regular basis to help each other out.

Anonymous said...

So thats 7 badges in what sounds like a 20 hour time period all from one instance. Man, its a good thing you never got saved to the instance....

Darraxus said...

Lo, i did get saved to it. Luckily at the end, I had friends that didnt mind just getting the one badge from the last boss to help me finish. Thank god they reset daily.

Herc said...

You get saved as soon as the event starts ... I think.

It's ok man,about a week after Wrath was released I was on H Old Kingdom.

The run lasted 2 hours ... or more. Our gear back then didn't help either but there were too many mistakes made like pulling extra adds. I was tired and disgusted after that run.

It's been 2 weeks and I haven't stepped foot instance since. Prolly will do it tonight cause we didn't do the optional boss in Heroic.

Captain The First said...

"The Druid healer wants it. While she is busy checking out the shiny new blue item, wave 16 slowly beats me to death."

Does anyone know a sure fire way to extract coffee from a keyboard? I swapped in my secondary one after snorting coffee over my first one after reading this.

How bloody greedy can you get?

Darraxus said...

lol, glad you enjoyed the story. It is pretty funny looking back on it, but I couldnt have been more pissed if I tried during those attempts.

Brierley said...

I am not saying the healers were not at fault, but can you honestly say no one else FUBAR'd at all during the run?

I just know I have been on many a run where people stood in fires, did not move when they were the bombs and then complained later that the healer did it.

Makes you realise why many servers have a healer shortage.

Darraxus said...

Lol, in two of the instances, the healer was at fault. One of the other instances was clearly the DPS that kept hitting the boss during the optic ability. The first druid healer that was looking at shinies instead of healing was at fault. The Priest who was not healing was at fault. In those two instances everyone else did what they were supposed to do. I didnt mention it, but on one attempt where we didnt wipe, a different mage from guild got locked out!!! We had the other mage make us a port to Dalaran so we could start over lol.

Anonymous said...

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