Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preying on the Masses

There are many nice ways to make a bit of gold from the not so smart folks out there. One of them is buying crafting recipes sold at different vendors and reselling them to the masses on the AH.

I used to be big into the glyph market. It is how I made the gold cap last expansion. Lately, the market has been too competetive and the margins are too low for me to really give it a shot.

I have been making a big chunk of money off of Jewelcrafting. I have also been making tons off of two other things. The aforementioned recipe sales and flipping items on the Auctionhouse.

There are tons of recipes to flip. They dont even have to be the limited ones that you pick up from the vendors. They can be plain ole recipes that are available in unlimited supply.

I use my mage to go to profession vendors in each major city. I buy recipes for usually less than a gold or two and often times flip them for 25-100 plus gold depending on the pattern. These sell surprisingly well. I find that the Outlands recipes also sell very very well. In the last couple of weeks, I estimated I have probably made at least 5-10k on selling these alone. The best part is that is doesnt take much time at all. Pick up the recipes, mail them to your bank toon and post them. Much less time consuming then shuffling etc.

This may not work on every server, but it has been working out well for me lately.

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