Friday, December 2, 2011

Heroic Night

Last night, we got out friend group together to run some random Heroics. I was of course tanking on Darraxus. Our group also consisted of a Boomkin, Resto Druid, Elemental Shaman, and Ret Paladin.

The first instance we got into was the Lost City of Tol'vir. I noticed immediately that I seemed to have gotten a significant DPS buff on my Prot Warrior. I did something like 23k DPS on the first trash pack and ended up at around 12k for the entire instance.

This instance actually went very well. I don't think we lost a single person on any of the bosses. Our group is generally not the highest DPS around (everyone is generally under 10k overall DPS), but everyone knows how to stay out of bad and interrupt bad spells.

Aferwards, we decided to head into another one. And we got Zul'Gurub. I was a bit weary about doing it, but we decided to give it a go. We wiped on the first boss as I expected we would. I think that I was the only one in the group to ever complete the instance. We ended up taking the boss down on the second try I think. It was all about staying out of green goo.

Then we moved along and got a little bit lost. We eneded up taking out a couple of the quest mobs we needed then went and took on the optional Archaeology boss. We got the guy that does a lighting charge thing. We took him down in one shot.

Then we headed over to the Blood Lord Mandokir or whatever his name was. We ended up taking him down on the first try despite the newness of the group to the instance. After that we decided that we were going to give the last boss a go. I did not go too wonderfully. On the first pull, we died in the first phase. We were not staying in the bubbles long enough.

On the second attempt, we made it to the second phase, but did not know to pull the big troll dude up to break the spirit chains.

On the third attempt, we did get him up there, but our healer was basically OOM at that point and we wiped again. We decided not to continue with the instance, but it was very encouraging for me. Once again, our DPS was not spectacular, but our group showed the ability to adapt and overcome.

I forsee more Heroics on the Horizon.

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Dread said...

I know it's a few days later so I wasn't sure if you had been back to ZG. The last boss is actually pretty easy. For phase 2, have the healer and the ranged each stand on a different chain. The adds that you pull up will do a heroic leap to a random player and will break the shield on the chain they are near, allowing you to DPS that one down. Pull as many adds as you need and stay out of the purple donuts on the ground and it's free epix.