Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playing BO2 with a friend, and leveling up the Hordies

As the title says, I finally got my buddy Kev to play some Blackops with me again. Kev is a pretty good objective oriented player. We played Hardcore Domination, and he was one of the top guys for captures each game. I am more of a defender and often times stay back. If that is not working however, I will switch classes and get up in the mix.

We had a pretty decent run where I think we won more than we lost. My K/D ratio is up to 1.45 now and I had a couple of very decent games including a 27-2 game on carrier. I should probably change to at least one higher scorestreak, but I love the setup I have. UAV is awesome, care package is great when I am using Engineer, and the Sentry Gun is a beast in Hardcore game modes.

In WoW news, we have our little Goblins up above leve 20 and are now able to ride mounts. YAY. Walking sucks, and I remember when you didnt get your first mount until level 40 and it was a ton more expensive.

We ran two instances of Shadowfang keep yesterday. The first had a pair of douchenozzels, while the second one went awesomely. I am a Prot Warrior (of course). In the first instance, the Ret Paladin kept pulling entire rooms....as a fucking DPS. Apparently he did this because the healer told him we were taking too long. We vote kicked the Paladin only to find out that the Healer was a bigger douchebag. Unfotunately, we could not kick him out afterwards.

The second one went by very quickly and I even got a compliment on my tanking from the healer. Take that douche Druid!

Overall, we are enjoying our new characters.

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