Thursday, August 28, 2008

I can haz Brutal stuffs PLZ?

Yesterday I picked up my season 4 belt and am about 3k towards the neck. I picked up my Season 4 helmet the day before. My Warlock is now over 13K HP unbuffed, 400 plus resilience, and 1200 spell damage.

We did some arena last night and as per usual we started off slowly going 0-4 in our first four games. We just cant seem to kill Priests unless we cut a nice burst in between his damn shields. We got Priest/Rogue, Druid/Warrior twice, and Hunter/Priest drain team. We probably should have beat the Druid/Warrior team, but they did a great job.

Then we played 8 more games and went 6-2. The last team we beat was a shatter combo (Rogue/Mage) and we got 22 rating for it. I pretty much just CC the crap our of the mage so he cant blow up Mura and make him Ice Block twice with my dots. Two times last night I managed to kill a Rogue 1 on 1. The second time I did it with less than 50 percent mana after he had vanished and ate himself back to full health.

On a side note, Mura checked out Armory and noticed that we are the only Warlock/Ret Pally combo on our server above 1500 rating lol. We finished last night at 1716 and will be working our way to 1800 pretty soon.

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