Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh Cruel Arena, why must you mock me so!

So the arena struggle goes on. We started the night at 1586 and I had hoped to at least get to 1650 so I could get my ring. What happens? We lose out first 4 matches. 4x Disc Priest/Rogue, and one Disc Priest/Hunter. It is ridiculously had to kill a Disc priest. And Rogues have so many cooldowns to blow mutliple times that it makes it very difficult to kill them as well. We were down at 1504 and things were looking bad. So we win the next 7 games in a row. Basically during the evening, everytime we played a two dps team we won. If we played a team with a Discpline priest we usually lost.

So we are going up and down in rating. We get to a high of about 1632 , but end the evening in the 1550's. Why you ask? Well at some point in out 1500-1600 bracket we ran into a Warrior/Druid combo. The Druid was wearing SEASON 4 SHOULDERS!!!!111!1!!one!! WTF is he doing in that bracket. Wew couldnt do anything to him. It was completly ridiculous.

That is my biggest beef with arenas. Teams that have already made it to the top starting over at the bottom to feed their Epeens. I would like to get my Brutal Gear as well. Quit rerolling teams when you previously had a 2200 rating. That is just bullshit.

Another bit of a gripe I have is why does everything in 2s have to be so damn cookie cutter? All you see is Warrior/Druid,Shaman Priest/Warlock,Hunter,Rogue Mage/Rogue. All of the combinations are the same. Just because you face a certain class shouldnt mean that you automatically lose.


Tom said...

I have to say, while I'm sorry for your frustration I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only person frustrated by this.

I've seen a whole lot more Gladiator,Duelist or Rival titles on oppoents then ever before, and considering I top out at the low 1600's that just shouldn't be.

Personally I think they should give titled characters different starting ratings when they roll a new team freeing up the lower brackets for other players.

Challenger - Starts at 1550
Rival - Starts at 1650
Duelist - Starts at 1700
Gladiator - Starts at 1800

You know someone who earned a Gladiator title could probably Solo up to 1600 without breaking a sweat . Give the guy a partner and he's just taking ratings from less skilled oponents without putting any effort into it.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, that druid we faced didnt get below 50 percent health with both of us wailing on him and was at 100 percent for most of the match. If it kept track of lifetime ratings that would help as well.