Friday, May 28, 2010

Live to Fight Another Day

That is Crispee's motto. Crispee is my level 62 gnome mage....and he has a skill for surviving.

Yesterday, there were three almost wipes in an instance he was was Blood Furnace. And each time, he survived.

The other people in the party exclaimed, "How does that damn Gnome keep surviving?"

I told them it was because of his sexy Gnome dance moves. The sway of his hips stayed the savage beast.

Or it could have been me aggro dumping on people with ice block and then blinking my way to the exit.

That is a very long run....but it added to fun of the run.


Vordan said...

Guess that is better than dying like me and the healer refusing to rez me because "you got aggro, I dont rez people who get aggro". Im still pissed about that.

Dorgol said...

It's a Mage thing to survive when others don't. It gets even better at 70+ when you can use Invisibility.

And for my mage, things are even MORE exciting as I can use Rocket Boots to really make range on mobs. I've mastered the ability to Ice Block, cancel Ice Block, Rocket Boots, and trigger Invisibility in 2.5 seconds... thus I clear debuffs and Rocket away while dropping all aggro...

Then I come back and try and rez the healer with my Jumper Cables.

I've made many a friend doing that.
I've also made a few enemies of those who wish I would have to repair on occasion.

Tam said...

I hope you're an engineer as well - add even more insane survival tricks (alongiside increased chance of exploding yourself for the lulz).

Vordan said...
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