Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Healing Experiences

Well, I got my Druid to 85, which means it was time to start gearing him.

I dinged right in the middle of the crucible of carnage. Always a fitting end to leveling.

Anyways, on to the healing.

I did several regular instances with no problems at all. The easy thing about regulars is that you can still do it the old way. Charge in and AOE for the most part.

Then I decided that my gear was good enough to at least give a Heroic a shot.

I got into the Heroic Blackrock dungeon for my first Heroic. I had done that dungeon all of one time on either of my level 85s, and had never done it on Heroic. We went in and proceeded to one shot every boss in there. Certainly not what I was expecting for a PUG. We had a DK tank who did and amazing job, not to mention DPS who actually knew how to CC. Have to give big credit to the Hunter, who CCed all three of the pupp adds on Beauty as well as kiting all of the adds on the last boss.

The next run I got into was for Heroic Stonecore. I left before we even got a pull in. When I got to the instance, I noticed that they had killed the first trash group already. Then the tank got kicked for "being bad". One of the DPS asked for leader, and invited the tank back! Turns out the "Tank" was a DK wearing DPS PVP gear. I decided that I didnt want to attempt such a difficult instance with a Deathtard and left.

Then I queued up for Heroic Deadmines. That has been my favorite Heroic so far. I really enjoy the fights for the most part.

I got into a group with 4 members from the same guild. They were a bit overeager, but pretty good for the most part. We one shotted the first two bosses and I stayed out of the fire on the Ogre boss.

It took us three or four tries to take down Foe Reaper 5000. Two of the times, I got killed, and at least one other time, we didnt have the dps because the Rogue died early and didnt run back. We finally took him down and moved on the Ripsnarl.

We took him down in two tries. The first try, they pulled without me at full mana. The second time was somewhat close, but nobody died and the boss went down.

On an unrelated note, when the fuck did they change the Tree of Life form? It...looks....AWESOME!!!!

Ok, back to the task at hand. Cookie. Once again, we wiped on the first try. I think it had to do with me understanding how I needed to heal the fight since nobody was eating any of the bad food at all. Second time, he went down and we all survived again.

Then on to Vanessa Vancleef. We two shotted her as well. On the first attempt, we got through all of the Nightmares and wiped on her. The tank took too much burst from the caster adds and went down. We got her down willy nilly on the next attempt. I am glad that if you die, you don't have to do all of the nightmares over again.

Overall, it was very successful for my first days of healing in Heroics. On the other hand, it makes me kinda sad. I have had far more issues tanking instances. Having healed them now, I realize that some of the healers were just not up to par. I understand that there are going to be bursty parts, but that tank should not sit at 30 percent health for 5 seconds without getting a heal and then dying.

I also think that the healers probably had to do too much DPS healing. DPS should not be taking damage for the most part. Fire and Cleaves are completely avoidable. Bad DPS. Bad.

Overall, I have enjoyed healing. It has been challenging while not overly frustrating. Tanking has just been frustrating.

In Darraxus news, I completed Heroic Shadowfang as a DPS in a guild run. We one shotted all of the bosses. My DPS wasnt great (about 7k), but we got through just fine. I am thinking of switching my DPS spec to ARMs. One of the guild tanks ran as arms in that run and did like 12 or 13k dps for the instance.

Next up......how I heal as a Resto Druid!


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Vordan said...

I completed Heroic Deadmines earlier, and it was my first time in there. Now we wiped a lot, more so on Ripsarl or whatever because the dumbass tank fell off the side of the boat, not once, not twice...yes three times he fell off the boat, the boss went into evade mode with the adds and we all blew up and died. Third time he "jumped ship" he left group after calling us fail. As soon as we got a new tank, we only wiped once on Vanessa VanCleef because the healer lagged out. I know heroics from a dps perspective now, which its easy if you stay out of the bad, not sure if I will be tanking or healing on Vordan, depends on how I feel about healing in the new instances.