Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Progress Is Nice

A new week. More or less the same thing.

Some good news though.....I finished my first Heroic. Unfortunately it was as a DPS. I got into a mostly guild random which ended up being the Throne of Winds or Whatever the one in the clouds is named. We ended up getting through it very easily one shotting the first boss, three shotting the second, and one shotting the last.

Out of all of those bosses, the second seems the most difficult. Not only are you dodging tornadoes, but there is an up wind down wind mechanic that I just do not get. I could not see what the difference was between up and down wind. Perhaps I just needed to zoom out a bit more. Still seemed a bit confusing to me.

I also got into another very good group for my first trip into Heroic deadmines. It didn't start off very promising to be honest. As soon as we zoned in, the healer said they were missing healbot and never came back. We booted that healer. Then the next healer came in and promptly died on the first pull when some of the mobs did not get CCed. He left group as well. Then we got the healer we would keep for the rest of the run.

The first boss was pretty easy overall. We would have one shotted him, but for some reason he reset in middle of his second phase. We took him down the second time and I got the Raid Ready Achievment for not standing in the fire. We ended up kicking the Deathknight in the group because he was doing a massive 3k dps. The Rogue that replaced him did about 5k more.

We moved on to the second boss, which is and Ogre with a Goblin on his back. The Goblin randomly jumps on people's faces. He also drops bombs all over the place that everyone needs to try and stay out of. We one shotted this boss with little difficulty.

We battled our way to the third boss, and ended up three shotting Foe Reaper 5000. He is not a very difficult fight at all. It mostly comes down to the player controlling the robot at the bottom of the ramp while you tank the boss at the top. The two times we wiped were due to loose adds AOEing us to death.

After a while, we made it to Admiral Ripsnarl, which is where the night would end. On the first attempt we got him down to 400k health. We did about 3-4 more attempts before I had to go to sleep as it was getting late and I had work in the morning.

The biggest issue we had was the adds AOEing everyone and causing massive damage. On our closest try, we had everyone on the deck killing the adds and working on the boss as they could, but it was still very tough on healer's mana.

The other trys, I tried tanking Ripsnarl in the cabin while we had one dps burning adds and the other dps on the boss. This did not seem to work as several off the adds grew large and caused a ton of damage.

The encouraging part was that if I had the time, we very likely could have finished the instance. Most of these fights seem to be healer checks still as they can be quite mana intensive.

A good run is all about having a good group. I am looking forward to running some more non pug instances.


Vordan said...

I got my dk to 85 via moparman's account and have completed Heroic Vortex Pinnacle (the Cloud instance) which actually was a breeze. There really isn't a way to see or tell while doing that boss to see the downwind or up wind difference, especially if you are trying to stay out of the tornado's. To me it looks the same as well so what I do is if I am up wind...the buff not the debuff, and it switches, I just go completely opposite where I was previously standing. It has worked so far.We died on trash mobs (stupid adepts and people refusing to cc), but not bosses which was surprising.

I also completed Heroic Grim Batol. We wiped just once on that last boss but that's because all the dps hadn't done it and no one explained it very well. Once we knew exactly what to do, we took so little damage and it went very smooth.

Tried Throne of Tides the other day and well...spent two hours wiping on trash mobs because people wouldn't cc and spent 30 minutes wiping on the boss 20 times because I was the only one interrupting her tank killer ability.

So in conclusion, I have found that being in a heroic takes a lot of team effort, and sometimes people are not willing to do that. I understand that people may not know exactly how a fight goes until you get into it, but that doesn't mean they can be ignorant after the fact and not do what they need to do to get through it.

Also I heard that Blizz might be making regulars more difficult because people are farming them like wrath heroics were at the end and they think it has become too easy to breeze through them. Maybe I heard wrong, but who knows maybe they are making the changes.

*vlad* said...

The up-wind down-wind thing: if the wind is blowing from you to the dragon - good. If the wind is blowing from the dragon to you - bad.
That's it.