Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello there!

Posting will continue to be rather slow until I have more of an interest in WoW.I am currently continuing with gold making and that is about it.

I should be hitting 700k when I get home.

About 300k of this has come since patch 4.1. I am selling the crap out of gems. Enchants are working well as well.

Another big money maker for me has been flipping. In the past week, I bought two different bracer enchant recipes for 1250 total and sold them for 5.5k and 6.6k. I love people who dont know the value of an item.

I have also been playing a bit of LOTRO. It is a nice change from WoW as I have really never seen much beyond level 10. I am currently leveling a Guardian named Durodin on the Menelthor server.

So fare so good. I even have around 700 silver already at level 8! Not too shabby.

I think I need to look into some addons if they are available. Especially if they have an auctioneer type addon to streamline the auction process.

What have you been up to? Still playing WoW? Playing something else? Waiting patiently for Old Republic?


Nobody said...

warhammer tabletop games

Diglrr said...

Dude play World of Tanks I haven't touched WOW ever since I started playing.

Occeleta said...

Started the Free Trial for Rift. It's interesting to say the least.

Vordan said...

Ive been playing Thief II: The Metal Age. It is actually really fun.