Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gold Making Methods that Work Anywhere.

As I said in my last post, I am still playing WoW (exclusively selling things on the AH and playing LOTRO.

So far, I have found one very good method that absolutely works in both games to make gold. The gold ole flip.

In WoW, I make tons of profits off of things that are posted for less than they are worth. Low level blue items and underpriced recipes are my real go to for flipping.

In LOTRO, it has been low level crafting mats. I have bought several items cheap (Light Hides, Copper Ingots etc.) and resold them for very nice profits. I am only level 19, but am able to afford most anything I need at this point in time.

The LOTRO AH is a bit cumbersome (I have been thinking about looking at addons), but just like any game, there is money to be made from the dumb masses.

On a related gold making notes, it looks like uncut uncommon gems will be going from 5 gold vendor price to 50 silver vendor price.

To me, this is a good change. There should end up being an abunance of cheap ore and less people shuffling due to the higher time requirements to make a profit. Make sure that you vendor any stockpiled Zephyrite you have before the next patch just in case.

In other news, I have blown past 800k and will definately be hitting the one million mark sooner rather than later.

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