Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chugging Along

That is how it is going in WoW. Chugging along. Once again, I am mostly doing Auction House activities while waiting for this weekend's extravaganza of crap to do. Darkmoon Faire is on the same week that Love is In the Air starts. Which means not only do I have dailies to do, but I will need to run the Holliday boss daily to try and get the pets and mount drops.

My wife is back playing and driving herself crazy with Archaeology. She is trying to get the Hand pet from Tol'vir....with no success. She is at over 100 solves for Tol'vir without unlocking that little son of a bitch. That is ridiculous. With that many solves, she should have unlocked all of the rare ones already.

I am also thinking about rolling a new horde on a new server with my wife just for something else to do. Most likely it will be a bit higher population server. I am considering Earthen Ring.

Besides that, I have been watching SG-1 and How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I am part way through season 2 on SG-1. Along with Battlestar Gallactica, I have wanted to continue watching SG-1 for years, but was unable to because I hate watching a serious in non sequential order.

So. That is what I have been doing. What about you?


Tophloaf said...

Earthen Ring is not very highly populated at least Alliance side. If you go Horde on Thorium Brotherhood I would gladly give you a few start up gold.

Evelil-Thorium Brotherhood US

Dancingblade said...

We have punch and pie over on Black Dragonflight.

Dancingblade said...

...which is EST (PvP).

*vlad* said...

I'm doing Achaeology every now and again.
Despite they upped the fragments, I still find it very tedious to have to do NE sites when I've found all their rares, and fossil sites are annoying because the dig sites are stupidly large.

Michael said...

Hey there...long time lurker on your blog. ER is a great server with a very large horde population. I have toons on both sides and the horde is most definitely higher pop than alliance. Either way, drop me a note if you or your wife decide to hop over. Sylvarania on Alliance or Prediger on Horde. Cheers!