Friday, May 31, 2013

Warhammer Quest and more Blacklight

Warhammer Quest:

When I was about 12 or so, I got a game called Warhammer Quest. It was a fantasy game based in the Warhammer universe similar to Hero Quest. They discontinued making the game, but I have been able to play it with my wife and friends as an adult. Then something amazing happened.....they released Warhammer Quest for the Apple IoS. Having just gotten and Ipad, this was a must get. I must say that it is GLORIOUS.

It stays very true to the board game and you even get some quests in each small village. The game itself is 4.99, and it was released with an expansion for an additional 4.99. You can also buy three additional characters for 2.99 each I believe. The one that I will be purchasing today is the Trollslayer. I have long loved the Trollslayer as a character and lore wise. They are basically a Dwarf who was shamed for one reason or another, who decides that the only way to redeem themselves is through an honorable death. They tatoo themselves, and make their hair into huge orange mohawks. They do not wear any armor, and wade into the thickest part of battle with the baddest monster they can find. Even though they seek death, they still fight to win. They will only be slain by the most badass of enemies.

If you love Warhammer, give the game a shot. You start with a Marauder, Dwarf Ironbreaker, Elf Ranger, and Grey Wizard. You can purchase the Trollslayer, Warrior Priest, and Archmage as additional characters.


As the title of the thread implies, I have been playing a decent amount of blacklight, and I have my K/D ratio just about back at 1.0 after a rather slow start while getting used to things.

If you like shooters, this one is a ton of fun. It runs well on my not so top of the line computer and has a lot of fun game modes.

I personally like the one called something like "Netcode" is something with Net, but I forget which. You basically have to go capture points and hold them, while trying to grab a flag and bring them back to the base that you are currently holding. Think Eye of the Storm in WoW, only you lose a base over time if you do not have someone there.

You can either purchase items with Zen, which I believe you purchase with real money, or you can gain gp, which you get by playing. So far, I have permanently purchaed and upgraded chest armor and got a seven day rental on a cool SMG.

I just need to look at some of the other controls. I have been doing pretty well winging it, but I still dont even know how to crouch or prone. I also need to figure out how to put attachments on my armor as I have two open slots and no idea what to do with them.

Between the two of these, I have been having quite a lot of fun.

World of Warcraft:

I am not currently subscribed, but my wife still is. She just got her Trycerratops mount. I may end up resubbing to WoW, just so she has someone to play with. Who would have thought a few years back that my wife would be the last man standing in WoW?


Daniel Robert said...

whats ur char name in blacklight?

Darraxus said...

My name on blacklight is Bigjuicyhog