Friday, June 7, 2013

Master Prestige Reset

So, as I said previously, I made it to master prestige in BO2. Unfotunately I found it to be quite I reset all of my stats and prestiges ands started over again. I figured I would try for a higher K/D ratio etc.

So far, it has gone pretty well. My K/D ratio is at 1.17 so far (which I got it up to yesterday after starting out rather slowly at a 0.90 k/d ratio the day before. I was at 1.05 while in Master Prestige. It probably would have been higher, but I spent a bunch of time trying to gold SMGs and I was pretty terrible with them. Anywhere between a .60 and .79 with the.

I have also been playing a good amount of Hardcore Domination. I usually just sit back with a LMG and protect the points from a distance as well as I can. Some of the maps, I feel like I do terribly. The worst by far is Nuketown. I am really growing to hate that map. There are so many people there just randomly wall banging and shit. And then when I do have a good match there and we are just about to win, someone from my team runs in from on my line of fire, gets themselves killed, and I am the one to get booted. Hooray!!

I run with the LSAT as that is my favorite LMG ever. I also have a great love for engineer since I have been using carepackages. So many times already, I have turned an RC or a Hunter Killer Drone into a Drone Escort or a Chopper. Being able to switch your care package is awesome.


Bearness said...

I tried Marvel finally. It's a very crisp and polished game although controls feel slightly weird. Not sure yet if I'll be shelling out cash though.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I was going to get Hulk yesterday, but held off.

thedoctor said...

Hardcore Domination?!? You are mad brother. Glad to see you are still blogging, keep it up!