Thursday, June 20, 2013

MW2: Two Nukes in an Evening

Last night, my sister and I played some MW2. She is getting much better by the way. She still has some 5-26 type games, but more often they are along the lines of 12-18 or 15-20, so moving on up. Even got a 5 kill streak!

As the title says, while we were playing last night, I got a pair of Nukes. I love getting a tactical nuke. Everyone goes fucking nuts. Especially the other team when you have been noob tubing the the entire time.

I got one on a map which I forget the name (one of the Favela type maps) where I managed to get the other team trapped in their spawn while I was in a chopper gunner. Great success! I had some dude really pissed off and wanting to play a 1v1 game. Who the fuck wants to play a 1v1 game? Not I!

I got the other one on my first game of the evening, which was quite fun. It was on terminal. I was propped up on top of the building near the stairs and the bookstore defending B and C. They managed to shoot down my chopper gunner after just three kills, but I managed to get 10 more kills to get my nuke.

I always tube. I can beat people in a gun battle, but I find it less fun. Two more nukes and I will get the acheivement for 10 Nukes which I believe give me the Nuke Emblem.

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