Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I cant stand them. I dont mean the WoW race. The ones who spam trade channel and endlessly annoy people on forums.

Trade Channel Trolls- Trade channel is for goods and trade. Not for talking about anal (devastate) or Murlocs. It is annoying when you ask for a service in trade chat and it gets covered in 3 seconds by people spamming retarded random crap.

Forum Trolls- The ones who hand around on the forums for no other reason to make fun of someones gear/gems/enchants or just to put them down in general. For example, there is a mage on my realm forum that hops into most threads with a "lol INT gems are for noobs" or something to that effect. Is it really neccessary to be a troll all the time.

Dont feed the troll and they will die.

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Occeleta said...

Don't forget there are trolls in LFG channel. Those who QQ when they can't get a group for the dungeon they want to run so they attack others for their choice of dungeon.

Trying to get a group for stratholme for those holy waters for pally epic mount. Not my choice but needed to be done. So every now and then "61 prot pally lfg stratholme for epic mount quest." first response came from some loser who couldnt get a tank for reg slave pens "no one wants stratholme nub." Well obviously someone does or else I wouldn't have been asking. Not to mention I would have had a group already at that time if the bastards didn't kick me for a guildy 65 pally who needed it also. So obviously frustrated I responded telling him to shut up.

He wouldn't let it go that as a 61 prot pally I would rather do strat and get my epic mount over tanking for his group. And he wouldn't shut up about it in chat up until I told him I'm print screening everything and will report for harassment. I loved shutting him up.