Thursday, September 4, 2008

WoW rectruit a friend is AWESOME!

The chunks of level that the quests eat upa re quite insane. I now have a level 16 warrior and level 14 druid (who is almost 15). If i turn in like 3-4 quests it gives me an entire level basically. I hit level 14 in under 6 hours played with my Druid. Im hoping to get them alot of levels this weekend.

The one thing that is alot different is that I am not really used to the Horde areas. I am not really sure where to go after the Barrens, so I guess I will have to look it up online.


Captain The First said...

The Barrens
Stonetalon Mountans
Ashenvale Forest
Hilsbrad Foothills
Thousand Needles

This abouts is what you're looking at for horde at your level. Stonetalon mountains is usually my first stop after the barrens and you can skip into ashenvale quite easily from there.
Hillsbrad foothills is a nice zone but a ways away if you don't have the flightpath.

hope it helps some.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, thanks much. The one thing I am gonna dread is STV. Im new to PVP servers and I hate that zone anyways. Good thing I have a Gladiator friend on the server.