Thursday, August 26, 2010

About time.....

I finally got my Hunter to 80. He was the second character I ever created way back in vanilla. This is the first time he has ever been level cap.

I also finally started leveling his professions......generic Hunter professions 1 and 2......skinning and leatherworking.

My Hunter is no longer the red headed dwarf step child. He is finally a part of the family.

In other news, there are still fucktards running instances.

I have been running the Icecrown instances to gear up while I am leveling my Leatherworking. I have been top dps every time in essentially all blues below ilvl 200.

I was in a Pit of Saron where we kicked a ret paladin for doing 900 dps. I did around 1300 at level 70 on my Ret Paladin.

Then to top it off, he was replaced with a DK.....doing 900 mostly epics.

Another note on my Hunter. I actually tanked half of Hall of Stone as a BM Hunter when the tank decided he didnt want to stay after the first pull. We didnt get a real tank until the bronzebeard event.

Fun times.


Kusamoto said...

"In other news, there are still fucktards running instances."

That made my day.

This just in...fucktards will always be in instances, and everyone can be a fucktard. If you can't seem to find him or her in your group, it's either a good group...or it's you.

Darth Solo said...

For some reason I mostly come across fucktards too in Icecrown 5-mans, especially Halls of Reflection.

Vordan said...

LOL I totally just busted up laughing at Kusamoto's comment. If you cant find them in your group, its either a good group or its you.

Biggest douche bag I have seen since got dk to 80 was when I was a tank that refused to put vigilance on me when everything just about stuck to me like glue, then booted me out of the group for QQ sbout shit hitting me. Good times, good times.

I remember I was in PoS and there was a 900 dps hunter in the group we booted, another hunter came in and was doing even LESS dps than the previous huntard. Gotta love it.

Kusamoto said...

@Darth Solo: And the scary part is, they are now probably inflicting themselves on ICC 10-man raid PuGs.

@Vordan: That's my inform and entertain...and occasionally post something to my blog, but mostly comment on others.

And I still truly don't get it. How to you get to 80 doing absolute crap DPS? If you are only wearing ilvl 200 blues, you should be accidentally doing at least 1500-1800 DPS. I just don't understand...

Vordan said...

@ Kusamoto - When I hit 80 on my dk I was doing 1700 in greens and I didnt know wtf I was doing. I was doing when I got my pally *my first 80* to level I had .45% hit yeah thats point 45, and I was doing 1400 dps. I don't really get it either. And its funny I see people with higher gear score than my dk doing 2-3k less dps.