Friday, August 13, 2010

Darraxus in da house


So yeah, I have been playing WOW again....still without any of my old friends.

Leveling my Hunter and making some gold has kept me entertained for the time being. Hunter leveling is easy mode. Send pet. Auto shot. Arcane shot if I want some excitement.

Since I started playing again, I have hardly even touched my max level toons.

I ran a random heroic on Darraxus....and I STILL GOT IT. The mad skills that is.

I also did a VOA10 on my Druid.....and got a piece of pvp gear I will likely never even touch.

Oh, and I discovered the joys of REALID on my friends your friends can hide from you in a Blizzard game if they are on your friends list. Makes it easier to plan shit if you have toons on multiple servers as well.

Besides WoW, I have also been getting my ass kicked at Modern Warfare 2. The hacking in that game is retarded. Either that or I am just bad. I think it must be the hax.

Anyways, how are all the other bloggers out there in the blogosphere. It seems like some of the people that left are back....but more or less in the same boat I am.



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Vordan said...

I will eventually get my account back on. I want to lvl my toons again. RealID is cool, just I dont like when you log on and I am already, it doesnt show you log on like say if a guildie logged on.