Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow.....facebook with more action

This is how I think of wow these days. Especially since I will be moving a couple of states from friends and family. For me the greatness of moms is and always will be the ability to play a game with your friend over great distances. Facebook with gnomes. Sounds awesome to me.
I am also very excited about some of the things coming out about catalysm. It makes me wonder...should I continue on with the guild I spent wrath with or start a family and close friends guild. I am leaning towards the second one. That way anything we do will help each other out.


Arioch said...

I have a couple of family members that play. Gives us something in common to talk about over the holidays. =)

Vordan said...

*Sadface* I hate that you are moving a few states away. I think a guild with friends and family would be pretty cool. Then I can stop guild hoping. PUZZLE BOX booted me and Mike for inactivity...isnt that how it always goes.