Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Good Ole Days?

Everyone talks about the good ole days when it comes to WoW. There is often times nostalgia, especially around the end of an expansion. The truth is that it wasnt always the good ole days.

Back in Vanilla and even as fresh 70s in BC, the instances were hard. Like really hard. Scholmance was a several hour run to get to the end. Tanking as a Warrior with no AOE ability wasnt fun either.

Shadow Labrynth in BC was a nightmare. The first time I got through it I think we had 11 wipes and it took us over 4 hours. It was ridiculous. Had to do it though just to get the key fragment to eventually get into Karazhan.

BC and Vanilla would cock block you at every turn. This generally applied to raids during those periods. In my BC guild, we spent about a month at Moroes, and month at Curator, and a month at Shade of Aran.

It wasnt easy. By comparison, people were pug clearing Naxx in no time at all.

The good ole days were fun. But that was mostly because of the company I was in. Hanging out with friends is the bread and butter of this game, and it doesnt change at all.

The only good thing about getting Donkey Punched by instances was the joy of finally completing it.

If 5 mans are going to take 4 hours to do like they did back in the day, I am not going to be very happy. Who has that much time to spend? Who wants to spend it all in a single 5 man instance?

Surely not me.

So wish not for the good ole days. Just hope that your friends are along for the ride and whatever content they throw at you will be alright.


Darth Solo said...

Hell, I have some fond memories of the "good ol' days" but none of them are actually related to the game mechanics. Dungeons back there were hard not only because of some poor mechanics but because of the huge amounts of time required to finish them. Even 5-mans dragged sometimes for hours with countless wipes.

I know that they are making Cata dungeons and raids "harder" but by that I hope they don't make them longer than 30 minutes or so.

Joar said...

I had a group take an hour and a half last night to finish Halls of Stone. Three out of the five people in the run seemed to be fresh 80's and still learning to play their class, and somehow, we were lucky enough to get a tank with the patience of Job. And yet, it still didn't leave me yearning for the nostalgia of 6 hour BRD clears.

Vordan said...

To be honest I miss the what seems like simplicity of old content. By simplicity I dont mean easy either. If you look at raid these days, you have so much shit going on you dont have a chance to really enjoy the fights. At least for me anyway. I remember when Sunken Temple was released and spending 6 hours in there with a group, and never actually finishing it...ah not so good times. DAMN STATUES!

I am not really excited about Cataclysm. I really think blizzard is gonna fk this game up with how much they are changing. I imagine the game will be unplayable for a week or more. I am not too excited about the new holy paladin talents, or gearing. I hope it turns out better than Paladin Schmaladin reviewed about...

Occeleta said...
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Occeleta said...

I'm just tired of the impatience that the current system has created. If there is any sign of trouble for an instance people start leaving. Because people are expecting to just run through spamming AoE with no troubles whatsoever.

While I'm not asking for 1-2 hour dungeon runs, I am glad to see CC coming back for use outside of PvP. I want there to be challenge again. Because with a challenge, there is actually a sense of reward coming out on top.

I'm hoping Blizzard doesn't F' things up. I hope they create a blend of quick and casual with smart and tactical encounters. For instance creating groups where CC is needed, but in turn reducing the amount of trash.

Right now trash is all about quantity, solution is AoE. Reduce the quantity but improve the quality, solution being tactics. So that roughly same amount of time in a dungeon is spent. That's all I ask for. Oh and for people to grow some f'n patience