Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love the smell of expansion money in the morning

New Expansion Money

There is always money to be made in a new expansion. Especially right at the beginning when you have people power leveling their professions. You can make thousands and thousands of gold off of gathered materials.

Usually this dies down a bit. Then it seems like prices tank. Remember that the market goes in cycles. It is up and down all of the time.

Ore goes up, Ore goes down. Same with herbs and other materials.

One thing I have noticed is that superior quality gems seem to be very cheap at the moment. This probably has something to do with the sheer number of Jewelcrafters leveling their profession. My guess is that the market will go back up when all of the AH dumping JCers are maxed.

You get tons of people leveling a profession with the idea of getting it to the max level for whatever goodies it brings. There are many less that are actually in it for the money. Once the market clears out a bit, you will find the true worth of items.

I am still going to ole reliable. Inscription. I have often times found very cheap herbs on the AH. I turn these into glyphs and make a very tidy profit. Everyone was saying that this expansion would kill inscription because of the added slots. Not true at all. I have been making as much gold as I ever did outside of my days of posting 1000 plus glyphs. I usually have no more than 200 up at a time and make several thousand a day.

Making money off of professions is not for everyone. A lot of people just do it for a little bit of extra cash. For some it is a WoW lifestyle.

Speaking of Jewelcrafting, I made some nice gold off of a few blue items I made randomly. I sold two rings for around 600 gold each.


Forreststump said...

As ink stockpiles are consumed, I see a strong market for Outland herbs. These are milled for pigment used for Ethereal Ink, which is the ink for a large portion of glyphs (second in number only to Ink of the Sea, IIRC). Further, Ethereal Ink is used for a LOT of DK glyphs, which are always good sellers.

Yes, you can mill Cataclysm herbs and trade Blackfallow Ink, but at their prices, it wouldn't make sense to trade it. Plus, competition for Cataclysm herbs is MUCH higher than going back and flying around Outlands (granted, the node spawns are fewer and farther between in Outlands - which they desperately need to fix).

The proof is already in the glyph pudding (at least on my server) - glyphs which require Ethereal are the highest priced, lowest supply glyphs in the AH.

SirFWALGMan said...

I have been having HUGE problems restocking Etheral Inks. Sometimes I have to leave sold glyphs in my bank for a few days until some profitable level of Felweed or Dreaming Glory become available. It is a real issue.

On the other side though I have been selling tons of Glyphs. Like yourself making a few grand a day with little effort. Working on expanding my number of glyphs sold too.

I need to check if Forreststump is correct. It seems to me on my server that Etheral glyphs are going for like 25-35g each which is not high. I get a lot of WOLK Herb Glyphs that sell for like 100-200g for some reason. It is really odd.

Anonymous said...

Darraxus, I don't know if you've already said this, but do you have a favorite addon for inscription?

I get a little confused, flipping through the hundreds or recipes available in my skill book. I know that my auctioneer has price data for each recipe, but the I have to individually click on each recipe to look at each price point, and I wish there were an easier way to remember something like "Glyph of Mangle is making good profits right now".

Forreststump said...

I wish APM/ZeroAuctions had a history tracking feature, since I dumped Auctioneer a long time ago. I just use APM for mass posting/cancelling functions, and Auctionator for spot-posting or buyouts of underpriced items for resale.

WTFspaghetti said...

I wonder if in a few months if you would still be making that kind of money on the AH selling glyphs.

I would only assume it would go down and would be suprised if they didn't.

Occeleta said...

I'm baaaaaaack.