Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heroics: Take Two

After the initial hatred caused by the annoygin difficulty of pugging Heroics, I took a little time away from instances. I worked on my dailies, gaining rep and a bit on my professions. I got my engineering to 525 on Darraxus and got my Druid Rootmender to 81.

I have also been making gobs of gold off of glyphs. Buy herbs cheap, make glyphs and profit.

Then I decided to give Heroics another shot. And they went better overall. They weren't perfect, but they were tolerable at the least.

So far I have gone to two different Heroics. The first was Heroic SFK. We only downed the first boss, which doesnt sound great, but it was the only one we atempted before I had to leave for RL obligations.

The first boss in SFK is apparently the most difficult of the bosses in there. He casts a lot of spells which need to be interrupted. It takes a lot of awareness to get it down properly. He takes everyone down to 1 percent health and casts a heal spell. It heals everyone in the party and him. You have to let it heal you a bit, but you also have to make sure he doesnt get healed all the way up to full. Everything he casts is interruptable. We wiped probably 5-6 times before we got him down. We ended up with me interruptin his pain and suffering spell and a Shaman in the party interrupting everything else. Thanks to good awareness on the attempt we took him down, I was able to interrupt his self heal before it went off when I realized that the Shaman had used his interrupt about 1 second before the cast came.

The other instance I did was the Throne of Tides. The first boss was an incredible pain at first. I think it took us about 8 tries to get her down. On about 6 of the tries, the DK in part got killed in a geyser. The other problems came when one of the caster adds wasnt CCed and used chain lighting to kick our face in. There were also a couple of slow interrupts on the shockwave spell she casts that does a crapload of damage.

Once we got everything in place, it went pretty well. Stay out of stuff, control the adds, profit.

The second boss took us two tries and was quite easy. Kite him around the room. Pew pew and stay out of the bad. Profit.

The Third boss took two tries, but we would have gotten it in one had we gotten out of the first phase on the first attempt. The first phase is massive amounts of damage coming fast and furious. You want to interrupt his lava burst as often as possible. Once he is rescued from the brain controller guy, it is easy from there. When he posseses another player, take the player down to 50 percent health. Then beat on the brain dude some more.

The last boss, I ended up leaving after about 6 attempts. It wasnt incredibly complicated. DPS burn caster and Murlocks adds in phase one while I kite big dude. DPS burn channelers in phase two while I kite the big dudes.

We only got to the final phase once, and certainly would have beaten the encounter if not for one thing. Nobody could figure out to look up and target the Giant Squid dude. Two attempts after that, I had to go.

The unfortunate thing is that these instances are going to take you a couple of hours it seems unless everything goes perfectly.

The good thing is that they are completely doable if people pay attention and are patient. I ran with the same group for the entire instance despite all of the wipes. That was not even counting the couple of wipes that we had on trash.

Overall, they are still quite hard, but they are doable. They are also fun in a challenging kind of way. Unfortunately, that fun starts to wane after about 2-3 hours in the same instance.

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Vordan said...

Thought to mention...make a worgen /cheer ...totally Hulk Hogan. Just noticed today, made me think of you for some strange reason...wonder why.