Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heroic Talk

So, Heroics are getting easier. This mostly has to do with people having a better understanding of the fights and a better gear level than at the beginning of the expansion.

I find that they can still be challenging, but are also a good time overall. There is one major change I would love to make for the instances......REDUCE TRASH!!!!

I love boss fights. I hate trash. Trash should not feel more difficult than bosses. It just doesnt feel right.

In any given instance, I may have a group that one shots every single boss, but has a few wipes on trash. CC is fine and dandy, but sometimes the group comp makes it difficult.

Personally, I would have prefered if they kept trash as the AOE fest of Wrath, or at least reduced the number of trash mobs in between bosses. I mean Honestly....who gets excited about trash? Nobody, that is who. I know that there are several bosses taking a nerf in the next content patch. I don't really feel that it is neccesary. Teamwork gets the job done.

Nerf the trash. Either take some of it out, or reduce the health/damage of the mob that are there. I don't feel like spending a raids worth of time in a single instance. I think a 45 minute run is good. 2-3 hours, not so much.

I imagine that this is going to become a moot point once the avg ilvl goes up and the average tank has 200k hp while the dps are doing 14k each. At this point in time, trash sucks, bosses rock.


Celendus said...

Personally, Cataclysm trash just feels like each mob is a mountain of hitpoints. I'm cool with the number of trash mobs, it's just that each takes like 30 seconds to 2 minutes to kill. Shave 20% of their health off and trash would be faster but just as varied.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, the health being reduced would help a lot. Trash fights are like the boss fights in Wrath...only harder!