Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WoW with Wifey

I haven't really talked about it much lately, but my wife has gotten back into WoW. She currently doesn't have an 85, though she is about half way through level 84 on her Druid.

I really enjoy playing with my wife. Even if we are doing two different things. She sits next to me, playing one of her various alts with ridiculous names, while I am running a heroic or doing some dailies/auctioneering.

My wife thinks she is a horrible player. When she is clearly not. Having played with tons of players, I have certainly seem much worse. For some reason, she always thinks that she is doing very badly....and apologizing for no reason.

We play mostly with friends, and nobody ever has a complaint about her playing...except for her.

This is one thing that makes it difficult for running heroics and such in the future. If we did do a Heroic with mostly PUGs, and people started talking shit, she would be devastated. Everyone know what assholes that PUGS can be. Especially when they aren't even on your server.

I think that is why she mostly sticks to leveling various alts unless she is running an instance with out tight nit group of friends.

Anyways, my wife has come a long way in WoW over the time she has been playing. She now levels alts completely on her own, looks at her new spells, and puts them on her bar.

Another thing that impresses me is that she gets more use out of a lot of her abilities than I ever did. She started a new Hunter and uses everything that is given to her. I can't remember using disengage. She does it on a regular basis....and hasnt flown off a cliff yet.

She is selfless when we are in groups. She isnt pushing to see how much DPS she can get...she is doing what is best for the group. She stays out of bad stuff which is much more than can be said for many players. She pops out of Boomkin and actually throws heals around when it is needed. And she never complains about it.

When I got my Glory of the Hero achievement in Wrath, I could not have done it without her. She popped out of Boomkin to heal the other tank on the first half of the instance so we could get Zombiefest.

Selfless to say the least. She will run instances with friends just for the sake of playing with friends. Regardless of if there is anything of use to her in the instance.

She doesnt care about rep grinds....just having fun. She doesnt care about getting BIS....just having fun.

She loves her pets and her Mechanostriders. She pets her non combat pets and takes turn on the mechanostriders so they dont feel "left out". She love /loving critters.

She has a great love for finding "ridiculous" names to name her characters. Gurrtrude, Proodence, Beezie, and Asstrid are just a few of them. The leveling game is her thing, and she doesnt mind rolling the same class a couple of times just to se the different content.

She makes the game what it should be. Something fun to pass the time and hang out with friends.

She makes the game more fun for me and those around her.

I love my wifey for everything she does. WoW is just a cherry on top. :)


Ttrinity said...

She has it right. Its a game to play. It should be fun. It isn't just about end game raiding.

People who gear chase as the end game goal seem never to be happy. We had someone gquit yesterday who was a gear chaser. Said he wasn't happy. I hope he finds happiness in his next guild.

As for our guild? We play for fun. We raid to kill stuff. We look out for each other.

I wish there were more players exhibiting your wife's qualities in game. Think how great pugging would be then?

Nice post. Thanks.

LarĂ­sa said...

Oh, what a sweet and well deserved celebratio of you wife!

You're lucky to have your hobby a a common interest and not a reason to fight.

Amber said...

This is adorable! And it kind of reminds me of how I'd like to play WoW too. I miss the days of not caring as much about raiding or BiS or being the "best". I agree with Ttrinity, it would be awesome if there were more players like her. :)

Janyaa said...

What a wonderful post and a great reminder that the game of WoW is so much mote than min/max, BiS, and raiding.

My husband and I have a similar situation, but reversed. He's the Loremaster, collector, achievement extraordinaire, and I'm the raiding machine. No matter what, it's nice playing in the same room with him and being able to show each other things. :)

Darraxus said...

@ Trinity: I agree. We need more players who are just having fun. And less being douchebags!

@Larisa: I am glad she likes playing now. She used to think differently of it, but now she enjoys it.

@ Amber: I enjoy playing with my wife, especially with our other friends.

Last night we were in the hellacious trash room before the rock boss in Stonecore. She meant to hit Starfire. Instead she hit Starfall or whatever the thing that AOEs everything in 30 yards. It was totally my fault for helping her set up her bar. The difference was that we all laughed it off. Who hasnt done something like that. Except for the random pug who left the group.

@ Janyaa: Yeah, I love instances and raids, but I find that I am getting back more to just running with friends and doing random crap for the fun of us doing the long quest chains outside of Darnassus and in Burning Steppes to get pets! I want to have fun with my time. Not be stressed. Have enough stress, and dont need stress in my recreation!