Friday, February 4, 2011

Auctioneer Friday

Auction House Friday

Ok, so I have not stopped making gold. I just havent posted a ton about it. I am going to go over what has been making me cash....a lot of it. I have made well over 100k since Cataclysm came out. Most of it is just the old fashioned way for me.

1) Glyphs: Glyphs are still my big seller. I usually pull in between 1.5-3k every day with fairly minimal work. I but herbs for fairly cheap on the AH and only make the glyphs that are going for a lot of gold. I used to post over a thousand glyphs at a time. I now have between 100-200 up an any given time, but the prices are usually between 30-150 gold per glyph. I have also taken to farming up a few herbs since Northrend is mostly empt at this time.

2) Other Inscription: There are other inscription items to make you some gold. Mysterious Fortune Cards are another one. You can sell a lot of them fairly quickly and make a nice bit of profit. Once you get to 525, the Darkmoon Cards sell very well. I sold two of the less desireable ones for 2k each. Others are going for upwards of 5k. The mats are pretty steep, but you can make a nice profit depending on the card that gets randomly made. I have also been selling gobs of the my older uncommon inks. I dont use them to make anything, and they usually sell within a day. They often times pay for the herbs that you buy!

3) Jewelcrafting: This can be very hit and miss. Some gems go for a nice chunk while others have gone into the dirt. I bought mostly tank gems and they seem to go pretty well. On my server, yellow gems are terrible right now. You can get most of them for under 20 gold. Selling uncommon gems can be profitable as well. Selling Zephyrite and Jasper on the days that they are the daily can bring you a tidy little profit.

Looking forward. Looking forward, I am betting big on Pyrite Ore. Eventually, epic gems are going to be introduced. When that happens, Pyrite Ore prices will Skyrocket. Save anything you mine and pick up and stacks on the cheap that you can. When epic gems come out, you will be glad that you did.

What have you been doing to make gold? Selling vanity pets? Tailoring? Enchanting?


sam lvl86 said...

I was looking at a thread about the epic gems actually and i saw people posted pyrite gems as a potential buy

NOW. the question is how long it is till the new patterns are released. Is it 4.1.0 or 4.2.0 or later? Who can know?

I'm gona put in 10k into them myself.

Occeleta said...

I was bored so here ya go.