Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blacklight and Master Prestige.

So, I gave Blacklight a shot last night after finally letting it patch all the way. It was quite a bit of fun and looked/played very well, especially for being a free to play shooter.

In my very first game, I was top score which I found to be hilarious. The second map did not turn out as well as I got killed by several snipers and some guys who ended up in a big robot suit.

I had a lot of fun in those two games and plan on playing again soon.

In other news, I got to Master Prestige in BO2. It took quite a long time, but it is finally done. This is the first time I have ever made it to a top prestige in any CoD game.

If you have not tried out Blacklight, give it a shot. It is free and you can download it off of steam.


Bearness said...

Not sure when you're playing, but my Neverwinter name is Bearness@ninjarbear.

Daniel Robert said...

i started playing blacklight a year ago and lvled the character to 40. Its a lot of fun when u can use all the different kind of weapons, armors and kits. The big robot is called "HardSuit" u can get it in a particular game via the depot if u have 1000 points.

Darraxus said...

@ Daniel: Yeah, I ended up figuring that out this weekend. I used it a few times, but they dont seem to last as long when I am using it as opposed to when an opponent is using it. The health and ammo refills are awesome though.