Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I did not know about Neverwinter. I am not incredibly in touch with games that are coming out, so I did not realize that this was a thing. I love D&D and really enjoyed the single player RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate etc.

So far, Neverwinter is pretty fun. The crafting is a bit confusing to me so far, but I imagine that I will get it eventually. What I find fun is the combat. It is a lot more active than just standing in one place and clicking. You have to time blocks, dodges, etc. It is kind of a mix between WoW combat and Diablo combat.

The quests are pretty standard much like any MMO, but the coolest feature in this game is the Foundry. Basically, you get to do quests that were created by other players and give them a review on their quest. I cannot make one yet as I am only level 12 (it requires level 15 to create foundry quests), but it will be something that I certainly give a try.

There seems to be a decent selection of classes and races to choose from with a chance to expand later on.

Overall, it is a nice bit of fun for being a free MMO. I did not feel at all hampered by not having a pay account, which is good.

Give it a shot if you are bored with your other MMOs. It should at least keep you entertained for a little bit.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...
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Daniel Robert said...


which server are u playing in? I just got my devoted cleric to 60.
what class are u playing?

Darraxus said...

I am playing a Guardian Warrior on Beholder. Havent played much lately, but plan on picking it back up soon.