Thursday, August 22, 2013

D3 Expansion Announced!

Diablo 3 has announced their next expansion, and it looks good! It will be called Reaper of Souls and the main boss looks to be a fallen Angel (I think from D2). There will be a new class (The Crusader) who will be a mid ranged melee class with a shield and one hander. It will apparently be similar to the Paladin class in D2. The level cap will be raised to 70. I am not incredibly happy about a cap raise, but hey, I deal with it in WoW. Paragon levels are going to be shared, and there will no longer be a cap on paragon levels. You will also get to allocate stat points based on your Paragon level. There will also be enchanting of gear and transmog. WOOT. Another favorite is that they will have smart loot. Loot has a greated chance to drop for the class you are actually playing, and the stats should be better too. They are looking to have less drops, but more useful drops. I for one, cannot wait as D3 has been mostly stale for me. You can check out the video on youtube!

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