Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Adventures of Musashi and Splody

So, first of all, I am sorry for the format. For some reason, I am unable to write anything under the compose side and have to write everything on the HTML side. Sorry for the block of text. So, my wife and I have been leveling my Monk (Musashi) with her Mage (Splody). I am not sure how that name was even available for her, but it is awesome. Unfortunately, leveling is not very even considering that I get and extra 50 percent to quest and kill XP. Over the last two days, we have managed to go from 80 up to 84. I am currently aout 80 percent to 85 while she is just starting the level. We plan on doing Twilight Highlands tonight to make that final push into Pandaria content. I has been quite nice and very quick. I love having a leveling partner when I can. I have been playing in tank spec and my wife is in frost spec. I have a bunch of 85 characters to level, but my wife only has one other one that she does not seem incredibly keen to level, and that is her Rogue. I wonder what she will choose next. I am actually surprised that she has not really ever played much as a Warlock before. I imagine that she will make one, although she cant make a Pandaren Warlock if I remember correctly.

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