Monday, August 12, 2013

Leveling Up the Other Toons

With the news that they are going to be taking reputation requirements off of gear, moving old epics to justice points, and reducing the number of JP needed for blue items by 75 percent, I have decided to start leveling up some of my other characters. A few days back, I got my Shaman to level 90 and I am currently working on my Hunter. He is at 87 and I plan to level him with my friend's Druid. One of the few things that has held me back from really wanting to level other toons is the dumb ass reputation grind. I already did it on my Warrior. I dont want to do it on other characters just so that I can get gear. That is the reason why only two of my characters can even run LFR raids. Leveling the rest of my characters will also be nice to see what classes I really enjoy during this expansion. My Pandaren Monk is at level 80, and I will be waiting for my wife's mage to reach level 80 to level with her the rest of the way. She is at 72 or so currently. We have been slacking off on our Horde characters lately because unfortunately we only have one working computer until a bit later this week. The power supply burned out on my wife's computer, which caused the hard drive to go out. Unforunately, that meant that we had to buy a new HD and a new OS for her computer. And the fan went out on my graphics card, so I had to get a new one of those. When it rains, it fricking poors. I think that I may get into exploding some stuff on Diablo 3 soon as well. I like to play that game for a bit, then take a good amount of time off from it. It is fun for smashing stuff up, but it get quite frustrating when they dont come out with any new or exciting content....ever. So, that is what I have been up to for the most part.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on hating the Rep grinds, and I'd add the gardening factions, archaeology, fishing, and cooking in that hate too.

I've recently got my second toon to 90 (a Warrior), and will soon have a Druid there too. Once they get to max I park them. Time limits the amount of gear i could get, and frankly all I need them to be is max level, so that IF I ponder switching mains in the next expansion I have some level 90 choices.

Apart from that the leveling of other toons is just a pleasant time-sink. Fun enough to do regularly, with no intention of raiding.