Thursday, June 26, 2008

Memorable tanking moments (doesnt always mean good)

Well as a tank, we have our ups and downs. I was fury/arms with my warrior until I hit level 60. I then specced prot because a buddy told me that is what I should do. I didn't know the first think about tanking. Anyways, here are some of my most memorable tanking moments (good, bad, and some that aren't mine).

1) My first tanking assignment

So Im freshly level 60, I respecced prot as my friend suggested and I went off in search of a group. I find a group that needs a tank for LBRS. I had never been there and thought, what the hell, tanking can't be that hard can it?

So we get into the instance and things seem to be going OK. Im heroic striking (that basically all I knew how to do....yes I was a total noob). About a quarter of the way in my weapon breaks......DOH. I dont have a replacement weapon...double DOH. So i look in my bag and find a sword.....its a grey item, and I equip it.

Next pull.....your one-handed swords skill has increased to 75.....DOH. So im trying to tank these mobs with no weapon skill and we get to the next boss. Somehow we down the boss and he drops an axe....sweet, no more broken tank weapon.

So we roll along through the rest of the instance, doing fairly well. We get to the last boss, and I just cant hold aggro on him. The Hunter in the group tells me to sunder him. Im like "Whats a sunder?" So I dig the sunder button out of my spell book and use it. It is a bit rough but we down the boss. Afterwards I get a tell from the Hunter. Apparently he felt it was important that he tell me how bad I sucked. He also asked if I bought my toon from E-bay. Who would buy a level 60 warrior in greens off of E-Bay lolz.

2) Tanking Blackheart the Inciter from 50 percent to 0 with only my healer left. That was alot of fun. All of the DPS killed each other during the first or second mind control. It took a long time and the Priest was OOM by the end, but we got him down. Me and the same priest also took the last boss of Setthek from 75 percent to 0 when all the DPS died on the first arcane explosion. Also keep in mind that this was before we started doing kara. All instance and quest blues/greens.

3) Out DPSing the fire mage in Shadowlabs with my Prot Warrior. Granted, he is probably the worst mage ever, but come on. How does that happen? Anyways, I had like 18 percent of the damge done to his 12 percent. The guy absolutely did not know how to play. Terrible. Just terrible.

4) I was not tanking this one, but it was a guild kara run. I run a kara run every Saturday that we clear in about 2.5 hours or so. I was on my healer for this particular run and we had one of our Drood tanks in mostly T5 level gear. So, we summon nightbane and he is sitting down. Nightbane lands, he shifts to dire bear form.....OOPS still sitting. Nightbane basically one shots him. Wipe.

This last one is not so much a tanking story as it is a funny story about how my previous guild (House IIMKI) disbanned (Not the only reason, but it was a fairly big part, then we reformed into Reborn). So we have a group of guildies going to kill the Headless Horseman during the Halloween event. This group consists of 4 level 70s and a level 28 or so Warrior. There is also a level 70 Fury Warrior in the group.

So they go in and kill the Horseman and the helmet drops. Long story short, the 28 rolls and wins the helmet. The fury warrior, who also happens to be an officer is super pissed. There is alot of name calling and anger flying around. The guild is disbanned the next day while I am online.

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