Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

Well it is Monday, and time to rehash the goings on of the weekend. Of course I did my weekly Saturday Night Kara run, and afterwards I got my Badge tanking chest. It didnt go quite as smooth as it usually does as I had a different pally offttank this week who is less confident in his tanking and needs to be told what to do more, which isnt great for chain pulling. The run included a 1 percent wipe on Prince where I was the last one standing. We killed him the next time with no deaths and one shotted every other boss.

On two fights I put on my DPS gear (Illhoof and Aran) and both times I ended up 3rd in damage doing over 900 DPS. PROT DPS FTW.

Also over the weekend, I happened upon fellow Scarlet Crusade Blogger Phaelia while I was fishing in Zangarmarsh! She was doing Droody stuff no doubt (whatever that is).

Also did a bit of Arena on my Pally. Sohlam respecced his Warrior MS and in our second match we got a team that had season 3 weapons. I knew I should have waited a bit longer before starting up arena again. Im not the worst PvPer in the world, but I certainly dont bleong around a team who was probably around 2k rating for the previous season.

On Sunday, we were going to do a WSG premade. For some reason the queue was up to 45 mintues so we went and raided Southshore for some old time memories. No 70s showed up, so we decided that we would go to Thunderbluff and kill Cairne Bloodhoof. With 10 of us. Well we got there and one shotted him (it took a while, but only about 5-7 horde came to protect him and we easily dispatched them. We had two more guildies join us at the end. I was one of the two healer (and the only one for a bit when our priest got killed. Cairne dropped like 80 gold and we got around 150 honor. I had to go, but the rest headed off the UC to kill their faction leader.

Anyways, that it for now. I'll probably be posting again sometime later today on another topic.

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