Monday, April 5, 2010


Another craptastic Monday....HOORAY. (Gag)

I hope you all had a nice Easter. I really didn't do anything. Easter doesn't even really feel like a Holliday to me anymore. Not as many kids around as there once were.

Anyways, enough of that. I played WoW this weekend. Did you know? Of course you did. Everyone subscribes to the Darraxus Reality Show - Dwarves Gone Wild!

Except I didn't really do any playing on my Alliance toons over the weekend. It was dedicated to the Horde toons and advancing my Warrior (and his assets).

Warrbringer got a nice bit done. First big thing is that I got to level 75. 75 is a significant level for me because I get to use my JC trinkets. One of them has two 51 stamina gems socketed in it....YUM. At level 75 I am at about 18.5k health unbuffed. Not to shabby I must say. And I am still pwning the fuck out of most of the DPS in instances. A lot of the XP came from Dungeons, but I did a fair amount of questing as well.

I did a bit more in Howling Fjorde, but ended up heading out to Zul'Drak with my sister before long. We completed the first few areas pretty quickly including the Drakuru quest line. Is it just me, or is that an annoying ass quest line? At least I got a sext tanking trinket out of it.

A couple of other fun things happened in our adventures in Zul Drak. First, I got Northern Exposure. Woohoo! Worthless achivements for me. The second thing was actually quite funny.

Me and sister mounted up and running along headed over to Drakuru's area. Sister stops on the big stone path leading through ZD. I say "You may want to watch out". Sister gets smushed by Thrymm the Hope Ender. LOL.

In other news, I actually did something on my Horde Druid. I got into a partially completed ramparts run where they did not know what the hell they were doing. I was healinge everyone equally because we had Shaman and Paladins who were pulling instead of the DK tank. To top it all off, nobody died at all....until the last boss....and it was me who died.

Dragon lands across the room. I am on the platform leading down to the room. Dragon aggroes on me. Dragon stomps slowly across the room bypassing the tank and all of the DPS. Dragon NOMS my face. They took him down, but at least the dip shit tank ended up dying as well.

My bank toon also had a very nice weekend. He probably raked in 5-6 k selling glyphs (and a 100 percent profit reselling an Orb of Deception). I probably also spent at least 1500 to buy herbs. One of the main glyph sellers took most of the weekend off and I was selling many of them for 50 gold a pop. Then he returned and knocked them all down to 10 gold per glyph. Hooray.

Overall, a very good weekend. How was yours?

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Vordan said...

I did quite a bit of leveling myself on my other toons, most of them above level 70. It was quite funny with the Thyrm moment. You said watch out and I was like "huh" *dead*. He one shot me hard lol. Easter did suck, I know, I was there with you. Atleast the food was good.