Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have been officially labeled an overachiever by my sister and friends.

The other day, I was talking with Vordan and Moparman about the fact that I am up to 15k gold already on my Horde server. They replied "Not everyone can be an overachiver like you". Actually, I think Moparman actually called me an "overachiveing bastard".

I guess to an extent, this is true. On a day to day basis I will generally play about 20 minutes of WoW. On weekends, I will play between 2-3 hours. What little time I have, I try to make it count.

In some ways, I suppose I am an overacheiver. I have 5 level 80 Alliance toons and 260k gold on my main server.

I have a 75 Warrior and 60 Druid with 15k gold on a Horde server that I started to mostly pass the time.

I play less in a week than some people I know play in a day. Yet, I often seem to have more. More of many things. I don't mean to brag, but I am pimpalicious.

My tanking, healing, and DPS abilities are generally as good as anyone I know who are at the same gear level. Often it is better than many with much higher gear levels.

Maybe a lot of this just comes from the confidence I have gained over years of playing. I can brag because I can back it up.

Maybe it is the fact that I learned the hard way and am a grizzled vet of WoW. I have played alongside some awesome tanks. My favorites are always fellow Warrior tanks. I know one of them pops in on my blog from time to time (talking to you Blade).

I have also played with ones who didnt know their asshole from their elbow, but raid tanked anyways. I used to play with a tank who tanked all the way through Hyjal and Black Temple in BC....who didnt use shield slam in his normal threat rotation /facepalm. You couldn't say anything to him about it because he thought he was awesome.

Confidence and Knowledge. This is how you become an overachiever.

Sorry for the rambly post. This shit was directly off the top of my head.


Tekkfu said...

Whats your daily 20 mins routine?

What's my main Again? said...

I'm an underachieving overachiever... if that makes any sense. I don't do achievements... and don't care about making gold... yet I have 10 80's raid ready fully gemmed and enchanted. My warrior is one of the main tanks of the guild... and he has a grand total of 3 mounts. Gray ellek, swift purple ellek and a regular old gryphon. I'm wearing 25k worth of crafted ICC gear but don't have epic flying... even though he runs around with no less than 5k gold at a time.

Vordan said...

Actually I didnt say you were an overachiever, that was all Moparman. Remember I said...I simply lack the wanting to spend that much time on AH to actually want to make money like you. I would like more gold, I just really dont want to spend the time getting it. Im an underachiever.

Vordan said...

Oh and I think I have come to realize I suck at most things in WoW. BUT yesterday at level 71 I out DPS'd a level 80 warlock! Atleast im good at Shaman dps.