Friday, April 16, 2010

Where in the World?

I have been super busy. Work/gym/wife has left little time for blogging recently. Doesn't help that my site is blocked at my work again.

Anyways, there hasn't been much going on. I did get my Horde warrior to 77 which means that I don't have to keep running around and aggroing shit like a retards.

WoW has really slowed down. Perhaps when I get my Horde warrior to 80 I will be glad to go through the gearing process. Then again, maybe I will hate it. Who knows.

I still enjoy playing, but I can't play the long hours that I did back in the day. After a maximum of around 3 hours, I get tired of it.

One small pleasure I found is healing with my Tauren Druid. EZ mode.

Hopefully next week, I can find the motivation for more blog posts....or at least have something to blog about.

Until next time......


Vordan said...

You know...I would like to get to 80 on my priest too but you keep blowing me off to make glyphs! I thought you do that during the week so when I can actually catch you on we can level. I would like to maybe see 79 this weekend if you can find time to leave Orgrimmar with Warrbringer.

Darth Solo said...

Dude, forget the gym. Try P90X. You can do it from home and it's better than any gym.

Vordan said...

You douchebag! "Hey BRB"...and you never came back. I waited till midnight for you so we could do the daily. *sadface*