Monday, March 7, 2011


Hai there!

Been a while since I posted anything. Been busy with life.....and well, I just havent given a shit recently when it has come to blogging.

Not that I havent been playing. I have been playing a lot actually. Which is probably why I havent really had time to blog.

I am still not raiding. I doubt that this will change at all. What I do know is that I still enjoy doing 5 man instances....provided it is with people I know. It doesnt even have to be a heroic. A regular 5 man works as well. It gives me midless time to gather a few justice points and to hang out with my friends.

Raiding does not work with my schedule. It is like a job. I play WoW to have fun. Not work. I do enjoy raiding....just on a more casual basis. Hard modes can kiss my nuts. If I really wanted a second job, I would get one that actually pays.

In other news, I have picked up PvPing again. My old arena parter from BC (Mura the Uberpally) leveled a Worgen Warrior. I decided to do some 2s with him and have had some good fun with it. Currently I am in the low 1400s as for rating, but then again we only do the minimal 5 wins per week.

One thing I have really noticed in PvP is that gear makes all the difference. If you have the resilience, you can do well. If you dont, you are gonna get smashed.

Mura said something interesting on the subject coming from a player who has made Gladiator several times. Basically, once you get past the 1500s there is very little difference between the players, just differences in gear.

I really like Resto Druid in PvP and find that I can annoy a bunch of baddies at a time and survive for quite some time before dying. Unfortunately, Alliance in my Battlegroup is still beyond terrible.

Other than that, I decided to level up the last two professions that I never had. Blacksmithing and Alchemy. I put them both on my DK. My alchemy is now maxed out and my BS is right around 450. BS is a giant pain in my left testicle, but I really want to have all of the professions for more money making opportunities.

The thing I have been doing most recently is playing with family and friends. It doesnt really matter what we are doing, it is just more fun. We have:

- Done some PvP
- Done some regular level 85 instances (actually a lot of them to be honest).
- Tried out a Heroic (It think I may have tramautized my wife and another member as I chose to do Deadmines and nobody could keep the adds away on the third boss)
- Leveled some lowbies. I made a Worgen Priest who is now level 24. The other members of the group are all Worgen as well. Mage, Rogue, Druid. I have enjoyed it quite a bit and we have leveled almost entirely through instances.

So, its not that I havent been busy, its just been that I have not been sharing. Bad Darraxus....BAD.

Anyways, just wanted to throw an update out there.

Also, read Tam's post at PPI. I miss Tam and his wall o texts in the blogosphere. I actually nearly named my Worgen priest Nomnomhealz because I remember how much Tam enjoyed the mis adventures of the original Nomnomhealz.

Anyways, until next time.

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