Friday, January 6, 2012

I am Shuffleupagus....

I have actually been playing a bit more WoW than I have SW:TOR since I hit level 50 in TOR. I have been spending much of that time shuffling ore. It is a nice little activity to do while I watch television or music videos on Youtube.

I am now finally fully invested in TSM. I found out that my big problem with auto posting was not was QuickAuctions3, which I have used ever since it came out.

TSM can do so much more. I regret not doing it earlier. The auto mail feature alone makes everything so much easier. I can now mail uncommon gems to my DK and I can mail jewelry to DE to my Warlock with a single click of a button. AWESOME.

I still have some more ore to shuffle, and I am now dealing with a couple of new competitors in my gem market. I will try to force them out if I can.

I started to do a Heroic last night on my Druid just for shits and giggles. Got into Well of Eternity, and noticed that the tank was already dead....on the first mob.

So, we kill the mob (barely, thanks in part to the rogue not doing anything until the mob was already at half health). Then we move on the the first boss and take him down easily. Afterwards, I tell them hold on because I need to go get some water.

I am in Stormwind and I see that the tank dies....idiot. He leaves group. Shortly after, two of the DPS die. DOES ANYONE FUCKING PAY ATTENTION? One of the DPS left, and as it was getting late, I decided that I did not have time to deal with that kind of BS. No thank you.

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