Wednesday, March 5, 2014

D3: Quick and Easy Leveling

Diablo 3 is currently the flavor of the day. Yesterday I did not really do any Paragon leveling, but I did help my buddy level up his Wizard. We played for maybe a couple of hours total and he went from about 25 to 49. Leveling is now incredibly easy and fast.
What I found amazing is how difficult Torment 6 was even at level 49. I was never in danger of dieing on my Barbarian, but the mobs hit hard enough to take a decent chunk of life, and the rare mobs really took forever to kill. I can only imagine the insanity of it at level 60.
Another little bit of embarrassment (or maybe it is just that the new loot system is so much better). I brought my Wizard to kill stuff for my buddy. While looking through the yellow drops to give him upgrades, I actually found two upgrades for my level 60. This is level  40ish stuff by the way.
The new loot system is so far above the old loot system that old shit that was once ok at level 60 is not even as good as something you may get at level 40. My wizard is really the one I currently need to get a bit more gear on. Maybe Kev and I will do some Torment with my Wizard and whatever toon he decides to bring. My wizard is only anout 85k dps and 200k toughness, so he could really use the upgrades.

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