Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 10)

Darraxus presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. DPS who does not accept the random queue guy.

(Doesn't accept the instance queue guy!)

You have been waiting for 15-30 minutes for this instance. When it is go time, you should sit on your hands and soak up the sun.

(Now it is gonna have to requeue us!)

Just like you, I enjoy random instances

(And want to run them in a timely manner yeah!)

So, stay alt tabbed out looking at porn. Without you, the random LFG experience would not be complete.

(Guess you don't want your random emblems!)

So Mr.Doesn't accept the random dungeon queue Guy, have a bud on me and enjoy never getting into an istance. We probably won't miss you in you Northrend Greens anyways.

(Mr. Doesn't accept the random dungeon queue Guyyyyyyyyyyy!)


Forreststump said...

Yes, DPS who miss the LFG popup: H8

Anonymous said...

I can actually understand DPS that miss a queue. When you have 30 minute (average) queue times, it is pretty easy to get up and go to the bathroom, come back, and find that you missed your queue even though it might have only been 15 minutes in and you thought you were safe... very frustrating.

The ones I don't understand are healers and (especially) tanks that don't accept. The longest I ever had to wait on a healer queue was 30 seconds, while I have always instantly been thrown into a group when queueing on a tank. Did you really change your mind since you decided to hit the queue button five seconds ago, Mr. Tank?

Leiandra said...

Totally agree with the comment above mine. This is all assuming lvl 80, of course. The queue times for other levels can be a bit longer, yes, even for tanks. But at 80? And for heroics especially? Spot on!

Vulpina said...

"Did you really change your mind since you decided to hit the queue button five seconds ago, Mr. Tank?"

Truth to that!! WTF!?

I totally hate the DPSers who miss it, but I really can understand. They might have grown old and died before they got through.

Vordan said...

I really do hate it when I am a dps that has waited well over an hour for a queue, there have been MANY times I waited 1-2 hours, only to have another dps 10 times in a row, not accept the queue. I think like anon said its even more frustrating when the tank declines the queue as soon as they queue up. Sometimes I wonder if people have their heads up their asses when they queue for the random.

Dali said...

As a paladin tank, I have dropped out of the queue once or twice in the past. I always feel bad about it but it's usually due to the realization that I'm out of Symbol of Kings or I'm still in my healing off-spec or I spilled something on the keyboard.

Just thought I'd mention that.