Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I consider myself very lucky when it comes to WoW. This is not because I always win rolls on stuff I like or always make the right decision at the right time.

It is because I have a wife who plays with me and has even gotten to enjoy the game despite hating it originally.

Just one of the many reasons I love my wife. Always the giver.

I know a lot of people have a lot of issues with their SOs when it comes to WoW and games in general. I was reading on WoWInsider about people that would "sneak" WoW. Wait for their SO to got to bed then sneak on and play. And the SO thinks that they quit the game.

What is your SO/WoW relationship like?


Anonymous said...

My WoW/SO relationship, summarized:

"when are you going to be done?"

"the raid ends at 9, like last week, and the week before, and every other week"


"are you done yet?"

Arioch said...

I met my SO through WoW. The WoW relationship has its benefits, he has tanks, healer, and DPS; I have DPS and healer. So we are generally not competing for positions or gear in 5 mans or raids.

However, he seems to think I'm a much better player than I am and that leads to a lot of disappointment when I don't perform to his expected standards.

Nev said...

My other half started playing 2 months before I did but since I caved in & tried it, we haven't looked back. I'm a very lucky girl who gets to 'work' from home, has a partner who doesn't notice dust, dishes piling up, slightly dirty bathroom or anything else housework related. On his days off, I switch his PC on as his alarm goes off!

Yes, we really ought to do a lot more house/garden stuff & maybe we should spend time together doing something away from the computers but you know what? We're happy as pigs in dirt for now so who cares? We don't.

Amoro said...

I met my wife in a dirt bar with lots of whiskey, and we got married six months afterwords. Two months before we got married I got her to "Just kill a couple wolves, Here is a rogue push this button. Tell me how you like it" and now she has 4 85's and 2 80's and various smaller ones. (Currently working on a rogue at level 75). As long as im on wow I get no flack, but god forbid I get on minecraft.

As long as im on wow I get left alone to do as I please. We group together sometimes but not all the time. And of course there are the obligitory group quests help and such.

Let me tellya, Stay at home moms are levelin machines.

Mogul said...

I'm on a lot less now than I used to be but there were definite 'negotiations' when I was raiding. My first 'serious' guild used to raid all day Saturday which I can tell you didn't go down well.

Still together - married now - all good!

: )