Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yay Heroics!

Woohoo. Three Heroics in two days. I havent run this many heroics in months.

The first one I did was tanking on my Warrior. Also attenting were my wife on her Boomkin, my two friends (Husband and Wife) on their Hunter and Ret Pally, and my sister playing her Holy Paly.

I should note that my wife and my friend's wife are both very unexperienced in Heroic. How bad was it? Not bad at all! We one shotted every boss but the Foe Reaper 5000. We got him in around 3 attempts after we got hit with a fire elemental during the enrage phase on the first two tries.

I was actually very surprised that we one shotted the last three bosses without much problem at all. Especially considering that two of our players had never done any of those bosses.

Then last night, we ran two Heroics. My wife was not present, so it was the Hunter and Ret Paladin while I healed on my Resto Druid. We grabbed two players from my guild including the best Heroic tank EVAR.

The first instance was Heroic Stonecore and we had a couple of issue, especially with trash. Now that I think of it, we one shotted every boss, but we had a number of issues dying on trash when standing in whirlwinds and getting an extra group or two.

After that, we decided on one more Heroic and got Throne of Tides. I used to hate this instance so much. This time, we basically walked through it no problem. Again, we had more issues with trash than we did with bosses.

Overall, it was actually very fun running these Heroics. I think that one of the main reasons was that I was not having to deal with randoms.

I think there may be more Heroic running on the Horizon.

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