Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Had a pretty good weekend in WoW and got to play with my wife and friends.

I gained a level on my Hunter with my new and shiny spirit bear! That animal is a BEAST. I had to come up with a fitting intimidating name that will strike fear into the heart of mobs around the world of warcraft. I named him Bernstein.

I also gained a level on my long time bank toon and now level 65 rogue. He has been an on again off again project for a very long time. I went ahead and picked up the leather heirloom head and cloak for him. He actually does pretty decent DPS as well! Being able to stealth and regular run speed is a huge plus.

The most fun I had this weekend was in two parts.

First, my wife's B-Day is coming up so I wanted to give he an early gift. I took her over to the area between stormwind and elwynn with the water fall. I set out the romantic picnic and a cake! Then I gave her a bundle of spring flower as well as a nicely wrapped gift. Which was a Vial of the Sands. Now she has one on both of her main toons.

I also had a ton of fun running dungeons on my priest with my wife on her Hunter and out two friends. We ended up running a bunch of them, and since we are all in the same guild we got the guild challenge credit!

We had a lot of fun. With two newbie hunters there was much mispulling and many shenanigans. We only wiped once and that was after the instance ended. We had defeated Stratholme- Front Gate and were going back for Forresten Hearthsinger or whatever his name is. We figured...meh the mobs are tied up with Argent guys now. Lets pull him. We ended up with about 30 mobs on us. I guess you wouldnt consider it a wipe since my wife actually survived with a well timed Feign Death.

Anyways, it was quite a fun weekend and I am still enjoying my Disc Priest alot. I am 46 now and Outland will be right around the corner.

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Forreststump said...

1. Craft yourself a Certificate of Ownership.

2. Rename "Berenstain"

3. ???

4. Profit