Saturday, September 3, 2011

Darraxus Gold Tips #4: Engineering

Engineering has long been the "fun" profession, but has also be ridiculed as not being able to make gold. This is a lie. There are ways to make some gold, you just have to find them. I will list a couple of tips below.

1) Pets: Engineers have a decent number of pets that sell for a nice profit. Two of the recipes drop in Gnomeregan (Lil Smoky and Pet Bombling). There is a mechanical squirrel recipe that you can often times find for very cheap on the AH. There is a mechanical yeti that you get froma quest in the rarely visited Wintersping. Make pets...sell pets...profit.

2) High Powered Flashlight: This is lower level rare quality hit trinket. The materials are very cheap and I often times sell them for up to 250 gold.

3) Khorium Power Cores: These items are made from khorium bars. I was selling these items for 500 gold each when bars were significantly cheaper. One of the best things is that there is generally not a ton of competition.

These are just a few ways to make gold as an engineer. Get out there and make that gold.

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