Saturday, September 10, 2011

Darraxus Gold Tips #7: Inscription

Inscription is not the same for me as it once was unfortunatley. Fortunately, with low herb prices, it can still be quite profitable with enough time to watch the market.

I am only going to briefly go over this profession as there are two things that I sell.

Glyphs: Sell ALL THE GLYPHS!!!! Well, not really. There are several that dont sell for more than a gold. You will have to do some research, but there are tons of glyphs for each class that sell well.

Darkmoon Trinkets: These trinkets were huge money makers at the beginning of Cata, and can still make you big chunks of gold. The materials to make the cards are way down, so there are profits to still be made. The Tsunami deck sells the best by far. The Earthquake deck sells for the least.

I would give more insight, but I have largely gotten out of this market.

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