Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did something besides the Shuffle!

Thats right. I actually did something that was non shuffle related, although I did do some shuffly stuff (mostly DEing crap_.

I ran a Wrath dungeon on my Rogue while watching Netflix. We got into the Nexus....first thing I noticed was that there were a bunch of quest gives at the entrance now. Pretty cool. This was a good change for Wrath content.

I think we were all pretty evenly matched on DPS despite me having zero AOE. That is a major disadvantage as a rogue at that level.

I also do not really care for Energy as I hate waiting for it to charge back up. Feels like it takes forever.

The good thing is that I can do this while semi AFK. I also noticed that significant experience spike. I think I gained close to half of a level in that instance. I had rested XP, but that is pretty significant.

Maybe leveling my toons under level 85 can be something to do to pass the time while I watch movies and shows on Netflix.


Anonymous said...

Rested xp and heirlooms really make a difference

Darraxus said...

@ Anon: I agree, but they also reduced the experience needed to level in Northrend by 33 percent.

Vordan said...

Depending on your spec for a rogue, Energy regen isn't that bad. I don't think I have ever had a problem with energy regen with my 85, even while leveling. This could be because I was Assassination and not Combat. Think there are some talents that give you back energy, but I can't remember which ones since I haven't played in a few months.

Darraxus said...

I am assassination.

Occeleta said...

Keep Rupture up as much as possible. Don't worry about aoe, get combo points, throw rupture up, you should have the talent Venomous Wounds that allows you to regain energy when you kill a target based on how much remaining rupture damage is left. Also, it helps to not smash every button, wait a few seconds and let extra energy regen. It's always gonna feel like you have 0 energy if you smash burst everything then every time you have 25-35 energy you use it. Also also, the talent Murderous Intent, grants 15/30 energy back when using Backstab on a mob below 35%, so its good to switch to that near end if you are having energy probs.

Wow Echoes said...

The 70-80 level bracket used to be a drag but after patch 4.3 became a breeze. I have tried to level to 85 a DK and a Paladin that I have not played for ages, but I still got bored at lvl 81 because leveling slowed down and I do not care much for these classes.