Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diablo 3: Inferno is Hell on Melee

Yesterday was my first real foray into Inferno mode on my Barbarian. I started out with a group, and that did not work out incredibly well. There were many deaths along the way, and we got stuck trying to kill and elite mob that we were unable to kite due to him being inside one of the little side instances.

I started over solo and did decently. I died several times to rare packs and elite mobs. They are not easy. Kiting baddies around and not dying as a melee attacker can be quite difficult. I am currently on the phase where I am searching for the Chancellor's Tomb to get Leoric's crown.

Inside the dungeons, it is much more difficult to beat up these mobs due to space contstraints. I had much more success in the world above. I have a nice little tip for those situations in act one.

If you get a difficult elite or pack of rares, kite them all the way back to the middle of Tristram. While there, you will get assistance killing the mobs from guards at the gate, Leah, and the Captain in town. These can provide nice little distractions and a little bit more damage while you kite them around the town square.

I did this for two or three different sets of mobs last night and it worked like a charm. The key is to keep moving depending on their abilities.

Inferno is rough. It causes you to be incredibly patient and will be a pretty rough end game to get through, especially if you are not grouping with good and organized players.

I also finished act one on my Monk last night. Going from Inferno back to normal makes me laugh a little bit as Normal mode is pretty much a faceroll.

Going forward, I hope that things get a little easier for melee. In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for nice pieces of gear on the cheap.


Arioch said...

I'm also slogging through on my barbarian... just in Nightmare at the moment. I've heard that barbs and monks are having a hell of a time in Inferno, with barbs resorting to a shield build while solo.

I've soloed all the major content so far, my cousin drops in from time to time and we'll clear some trash, and pretty proud of myself for it.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I have a shield in my stash, and need to pick up a decent one handed weapon to go with it. It just doesnt feel very Barbarian like to be honest.

Arioch said...

I've been dual wield all the way so it won't be too much of a change for me. I much prefer the visual of a single big-ass weapon, but the DPS just doesn't seem to compare.