Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ding 85!

I hit level 85 on my Horde Warrior yesterday. That last level felt like it took forever. Seriously.

Once I hit level 85, I equipped all of the PvP gear I had earlier purchased and queued up for my first Heroics on that character.

Everything went pretty well besides me being a dumb ass and forgetting to pick up the quests at the start of Well of Eternity.

I was mostly last in DPS in the instances, but I aquitted myself well enough to not look like a total noob. I picked up several new pieces of gear including the Axe in End Time.

On most boss fights I did somewhere between 11-15k dps. I expect that to continue to go up as my gear gets better.

I am most looking forward to getting some tank gear so that I can start tanking again instead of DPSing.


Fettsbounty said...

Better hurry buddy. You do know that once May 15 hits, gearing up your Horde Warrior is gonna take a serious backseat to Diablo 3.

Fred G. said...

I just hit 85 on my warrior too (7th 85 overall). I love playing the Warrior and intend for it to be my main in Mists. Also I can't wait to start tanking as well, short queue and the bag of surprises!