Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brawler's Pub

I have had a Brawler's Pub membership in WoW since it came out pretty much. I beat the first fight and lost the second fight several times then stopped doing it.

When my wife was bored, she would go down to the Brawler's Pub and watch everyone fight. She would also be nice enough to rez the people who fell in battle. Last night she decided to buy an invitation.

We spent a couple of hours taking on bosses. We are both rank two currently and on the Aarakoa boss. My wife died quickly in both of her attempts to tornadoes. I almost got him on my first try, but still ended up dying.

The funny thing is that we had a ton of fun. My wife is doing it to eventually get the pet. I am doing it for mostly the same reason.

We grouped up with a couple of other people from other realms, cheered each other on, rezzed each other when we died, and buffed each other up. It is that kind of team work that I have missed in the pugs of the last couple of years. I even got an achivement for /cheering at someone who won a match.

If you have decent gear and want to try something a little different, the Brawler's Pub may just be that thing.

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