Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Raid Finder....Not So Bad!

As I said in my previous post, I had planned to possibly do Raid Finder over the weekend since I had not yet done so in this expansion.

I must say that I was quite happy with the result. I rounded up my wife, Fett (who has been having some computer issues when it comes to raids), and my sister and we all queued up for the first half of the first raid.

I must say that it was quite easy. We did not have any issues with any of the bosses and got through it with little to no problem. I got a pair of shoulders that were a downgrade and ended up getting vendored.

We had so much fun on the first half that we decided to do the second half as well. We got through that one quite easily as well with a bit of a snag on the last boss. On our first attempt on the Twins, both myself and the other tank we trying to tank the same mob which led to a wipe.

The second time was slow as shit, but we took it down (the fight still took over 10 minutes).

My wife had a great time and wants to run more of those in the future.

We also finally got a chance at Sha of Anger last night which proved to be nice because I got my tier gloves!

I still need to upgrade a few blue pieces (I will be replacing my belt shortly).

My sister made a video of the first half of our raid and when she posts it online, I will link it on my blog.

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